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The online money making world seems to be complex in the first look, but when we know the basic thing needed to start it becomes clearly easy. In the big internet web it is hard to find the websites and services that worth our trust this is why our guides will help you to make good choices without falling in traps, which will save your time and efforts.

First of all to start earning online you need requirements:

1. Internet connection.

2. Computer.

3.  An electronic wallet, but what is an electronic wallet?

Let us explain you what is it: An electronic wallet is an online service provided by lot of companies, theses services are online bank accounts used to gather the earnings you generated online, see our article about The most Popular Electronic wallets (E-currencies) to choose one between them, note that each online earning website give you the possibility to be paid by one of theses wallets, and when the money arrives to your electronic wallet you have the possibility to withdraw the money to your physical bank account or by debit cards, some services offer to provide you plastic master cards to use that money everywhere you are.

We want to introduces to you the most known online money earning websites categories.

  • 1. Paid to Click (PTC): this kind of earning websites are quit simple, all what you have to do is to view advertisements few minutes per day, this kind of websites gives you low earnings but it takes you in general 2 minutes per day to visit all advertisements of one PTC website, this kind of websites offer you to earn more by referring people this is the most interesting part of PTC websites.
  • 2. Freelance: this kind of earning websites are little bit more complex than PTC websites but the basic earnings are higher, theses sites are a sort of market place that employers hire workers(you) to do cheap simple tasks like to visit or comment, like and click to more complex expensive tasks like signup, write, review and promote.
  • 3. Paid to Promote (PTP): this category require that you have a blog or a website or to be active in social networks and forums, all what you have to do is to advertise a website or a product to get income from advertising , there are various advertising platforms that are ready to give you jobs and get paid from them.
  • 4. Forex: this kind of earning is different from others and requires an investment from your part, in counterpart the profit you can earn is big and involve loss if you do not manage well your money, theses websites gives you the opportunity to trade currencies like euro and dollar in real time, you make profit by buying and selling currencies, if you do not know how to trade some websites provide you a trading copy service that gives you the opportunity to copy automatically the trades of the best traders but warning all investment involves a risk of loss then our advise is to invest online only what you afford to loss.
  • 5. Affiliate earning: this kind of earning websites do not need any investment from your pocket but need lot of efforts, theses websites give you the possibility to attract new customers in exchange of a percentage of referred people. Theses websites are various they can be online shops, hosting services, advertising platforms and many others, this job require that you owns a blog or a website or to be active in social networks and forums but at the end it pays better than other websites.
  • 6. Mining: theses websites require some good computer equipment to give good results, all what you have to do is to rent your computer power resources to help a network to work, theses networks are digital non centralized electronic currencies used to buy online , your computer help theses online currencies to stay in the network.
  • 7. Arbitrage: This kind of earning is very lucrative but it is necessary to invest money and time, it consists on finding wining bets by betting in 2 different bookmakers to cover the 2 possibilities of loss or win and you earn from the difference of odds between the bookmakers.