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In this section we will introduce the leaders of Forex trading in the web, note that there are 2 ways to earn from forex, you have the possibility to trade by yourself (currencies, stocks, indexes and much more) if you are enough skilled, or if you are not skilled you have the possibility to copy trades of professionals by the way of signals , it means that if the professional trader open a trade it will open automatically in your account in the same time, and when the trade is closed by that trader it will close also in your account, anyway you have the possibility to close theses trades by yourself if you see that you have enough profit/loss, you have also the possibility to leverage your trades to perform with your balance not the balance of the professional trader you copy, it means that if he open $1000 trade you can manage the leverage to open $10 trade in your account. It is very simple when you are inside the interface.

*Note: The forex trading is not an exact science, it means that there are not perfect scenarios by this ways forex trading can involves loss and profit, this is why we advise you to trade only what you can afford to loss.

**Note: If you want to learn how to trade by yourself  try this Website


eToro is one of the largest trading platforms in the world, you can trade with them various currencies, commadities, indexes or stocks, they provide their own trading copy service that allows you to choose top traders or friend traders in their trading social network. If you like their service then do not hesitate to try this great Broker.


ZuluTrade is one of the most popular Copy Trading services, they do not own trading platform but their are in relationship with more that 40 popular Forex Brokers over the world, you have just to select a broker then link it to zulutrade and pick up the Top trader of your choice to copy him, they have a very easy interface and various tools like portfolio simulation and zuluguard system.